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Admissions Office

Admission Hotline:   

           029-82668329 (full-time and on-job master students)  

           029-82665565(full-time and on-job PhD students)

Fax: 029-82664655

●Address: Room 202, Suite A, Main Building of XJTU

●Tel: (029)82668329


Cultivation and education research Office

Service guide
 1. For the following services, please go to Room 0207 2nd Floor, Administration Lobby, Suite E, Main building: 
  1) Result sheets for abroad study and certifications for education background and academic degree: Tuesday afternoon
  2) inquiry of general course results and Q&A: Thursday morning
2. For the rest services, please go to Room 1309 , Suite E,  Main  building 
      Fax: 029-82660974

●Address: Room 1309 , Suite E, Main building

●Tel: (029)82668713,82663853,82668580,82663625 


Registration and scholarship Management Office

●Address: Room 1310, Suite E, Main building

●Tel: 82668991,82668896


Professional Degree Administration Office

●Address: Room 1309, Suite E, Main building

●Tel: 029-82664184,82663852


Academic degree and discipline construction office

●Address: Room 1311, Suite E, Main building

●Tel: 82668899,82660975,82664417


General Affair Office

●Address: Room 1308, Suite E, Main building

●Tel: 82668336 Fax02982660974


Graduate   School  ( Suzhou ) Administration Department

●Address: B1, No. 99,  Renai Road , Industrial District,  Suzhou

●Tel: 0512-69562810,67325918



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