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Admissions Office

Departmental responsibilities: 

1. Admission of Master students (admission plan, candidate registration, organization of exams, assessment and enrollment)
2. Admission of PhD students (admission plan, organization of exams and enrollment
3. MBA, MPA, MPH, MPAcc, EMBA, Engineering Master, Masters for vocational education, on-the-job master degrees for college teachers
4. Institute Prospectus and admittance publicity
5. Class division of new enrollment and data base establishment for registration administration
Admission Hotline:  029
82668329 (full-time and on-job master students)  02982665565(full-time and on-job PhD students)

Fax: 02982664655

●Address: Room 202, Suite A, Main Building of XJTU

●Tel: (029)82668329

●Email: yzb@mail.xjtu.edu.cn

Cultivation and Education Research office

Departmental responsibilities:
1. Innovative education project of ministry of education, approval and initiation of education research and renovation project, allocation of funding, interim examination, and inspection and acceptance of research conclusion.
2. Revision and implementation of postgraduates cultivation schemes, adjustment of training program, curriculum bank administration, compilation of course catalogue
3. Postgraduate regular courses teaching management and organization of experts’ supervision over education quality, assessment of course teaching, teaching and testing arrangement of postgraduate general courses, classroom management and scheduling
4. Management and printing of postgraduate general courses results, certifications of academic transcripts for abroad study and of education background and academic degrees
5. Quality monitoring of the postgraduate training process, audit of inter-college joint cultivation base for postgraduates, registration of CET-4 and 6 for postgraduates
6. examination and approval of supervisor shift for postgraduates
7. Computation and checking of the training expenses for postgraduates and work load of teachers for postgraduates, calculation of teaching posts for postgraduates 
8. Postgraduates abroad study at public expenses, approval of international academic conference applications and other issues related to international cooperation and research.
  Service Guide  

 1. For the following services, please go to Room 0207 2nd Floor, Administration Lobby, Suite E, Main building: 
  1) Result sheets for abroad study and certifications for education background and academic degree: Tuesday afternoon
  2) inquiry of general course results and Q&A: Thursday morning
2. For the rest services, please go to Room 1309 , Suite E,  Main  building 
    Fax: 029-82660974

●Address: Room 1309 , Suite E, Main building


Registration and Scholarship Management Office

Departmental responsibilities:
1. Organization and management of postgraduate’s enrollment, arrival report, registration
2. Management of postgraduate enrollment status, status alteration, approval of abroad study
3. Management of student’s identity card and school badge for postgraduates
4. Examination and reporting of graduation data for postgraduates
5. Graduation image collection, electronic registration and delivery of academic certificate for postgraduates
6. Students records delivery for postgraduates of directional entrusted training
7. Examination and approval of PhD candidate thesis defense

8. Application management, assessment and granting of postgraduate scholarship
9. Post and fund management of postgraduate teaching and research assistants  
10. Examination, approval and granting of postgraduate nonrecurring project expenses on investigation and survey
11. Reporting and management of special funds for postgraduate innovation
12. Theoretical researches on postgraduate training mechanism and renovation

●Address: Room 1310, Suite E, Main building

●Tel: 8266899182668896

●Email: cxb@mail.xjtu.edu.cn

Professional Degree Administration Office

Departmental responsibilities:
1. Cultivation, quality monitoring and assessment of postgraduates of professional degrees
2. Document revision and implementation of education management and education scheme for postgraduates of professional degrees
3. Organization of main courses unified examinations for postgraduates of professional degrees
4. Organization of anonymous appraisal of thesis for professional degrees
5. Application for master programs of new majors and new project fields
6. Organization of research on professional degrees education
7. Teaching management for postgraduates of professional degrees
8. Enrollment status management for postgraduates of professional degrees
9. Enrollment and registration of new postgraduates of professional degrees
10. Appointment of out-campus (second) supervisor for postgraduates of professional degrees
11. Management and delivery of course results for postgraduates of professional degrees

●Address: Room 1309, Suite E, Main building

●Tel: 029-8266418482663852

●Email: zyxw@mail.xjtu.edu.cn

Academic Degree and Discipline Construction Office

Departmental responsibilities:
1. Application, awarding and management of doctorial and master degrees
2. Order purchase, numbering, verification of certificates of doctorial and master degrees; supervision of the certificate delivery in colleges
3. Collection of degree information, compilation of communiqué on degrees, reporting degree backup data to national department
4. Application of on-job faculty for doctorial and master degrees of equal education or for visiting scholars
5. Organization of the examination and assessment of discipline units and application of the key discipines
6. Application, examination and evaluation of authorization units of doctorial and master degrees
7. Selection and verification of postgraduate supervisors
8. Appraisal of excellent doctorial degree thesis and implementation of “Excellent Doctorial students cultivation program”
9. Encouragement and rewarding of the authors and supervisors of the national excellent doctorial thesis

●Address: Room 1311, Suite E, Main building

●Tel: 826688998266097582664417

●Email: xwb@mail.xjtu.edu.cn

General Affair Office

Departmental responsibilities:
1. Management of work records and mails of Graduate School
2. Regular administrative affairs and logistic guarantee
3. Organization and arrangement of external publicity, contact and reception, meetings and other activities
4. Assets management, budget and management of financial funds
5. Management of department personnel, labor and capital and official seals
6. Statistics, report, filing and archiving of various information
7. Management of office automation and dealing of petitions
8. Maintenance and construction of website, development and regular maintenance of information platform

●Address: Room 1308, Suite E, Main building

●Tel: 82668336 Fax02982660974

●Email: yb@mail.xjtu.edu.cn

Graduate   School  ( Suzhou ) Administration Department

Departmental responsibilities:
1. Education of postgraduates trained in  Suzhou  branch under the guide of  Graduate   School

2. Teaching administration and assistance for postgraduate education in  Suzhou  branch

3. Connection of supervisors and enterprises for postgraduates in  Suzhou  branch; establishment of postgraduate training base

4. Student administration of postgraduates in  Suzhou  branch

5. Application, appraisal and granting of scholarship, and student loan for postgraduates in  Suzhou  branch

6. Vocational guidance for postgraduates in  Suzhou  branch

7. Other issues related to postgraduates in  Suzhou  branch

●Address: B1, No. 99,  Ren’ai Road , Industrial District,  Suzhou

●Tel: 0512-69562810  67325918

●Email: szgs@mail.xjtu.edu.cn


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